What is PCA Services?

PCA services are non-emergent health related tasks done by qualified staff in a medicaid eligible beneficiary's home administered by the Division of Disability Services, Office of Home and Community Services in conjunction with the Division of Senior and Disabilities Services' regulations.  


What is a Personal Care Assistant?

Personal Care Assistant, commonly known as caregiver, personal care attendant, patient care assistant, personal support worker and home care aide is a paid, employed person who helps persons who are disabled or chronically ill with their activities of daily living, and independent activities of daily living. 


What is SDS?

The State of Alaska, Senior and Disability Services promotes health, wellbeing and safety for individuals with disabilities, seniors and vulnerable adults by facilitating access to quality services and supports that foster independence, personal choice and dignity.


What Documents do I need to apply for PCA Services?

Photo ID, Medicaid, physical and mailing address, primary physician,qualified application with Division of Senior Disabilities Services' assessment. 


What kind of insurance do you need to apply for PCA Services?

PCA Services works only with MEDICAID.


Can I be a private client?

Yes, the retainer pays $30 per hour, services includes PCA services and Chores.




Personal Care Services in Alaska

Personal Care Assistant services that provide support related to an individual’s activities of daily living i.e. bathing, dressing, eating as well as instrumental activities of daily living i.e. shopping, laundry , light housework.  These services are Medicaid paid or Private Paid.  Medicaid paid services are subject to and approved Division of Senior & Disabilities Services assessment and authorized prescribed tasks.

There are 2 kinds of Personal Care Assistant services.



1. Agency Based

An agency hires, schedules, and supervises your personal care assistant.  The assistant must have certain certifications, in addition to a background check, CPR and first-aid training. The agency’s nurse monitors the services being provided by the personal care assistant.


2. Consumer Direct

The individual or their legal representative hire, train and manage their personal care assistant.  PCA McKinley Services handles the record keeping of timesheets, billing, and payments. Personal care assistants must go through orientation training and have a background check, CPR and first aid training to be eligible for the program. The PCA provides according to the Senior Disabilities Services' authorized, prescribed services.  



HCB-Waiver Services

McKinley Services provides waiver services that support the independence of Alaskans by offering a choice between home and community-based services rather than institutional care for people who meet a Nursing Facility Level of Care (NFLOC).  To receive waiver services, a person must be Medicaid eligible. Once eligible for waiver, services are determined following an assessment and a state approved care coordinator’s plan of care. Caregivers providing waiver services have attended orientation, CPR, and first aid training.


McKinley Services is Waiver Program Certified for:

• Supported Living Habilitation

• In Home Support

• Day Habilitation

• Respite

• Chore



Supported Living Habilitation

Supported Living Habilitation Services are provided to assist recipients that are classified as: Children with Complex Medical Conditions; Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Adults with Physical and Developmental Disabilities.  Services are provided to assist recipients to acquire, retain, and improve the self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills necessary to live in the most integrated setting appropriate to the recipient’s needs.  These services are individually tailored, may include personal care and protective oversight and supervision, in addition to skills development. Supported Living Services are provided on a one to one basis for a recipient 18 years of age or older who live in private residences.




Supports for people up to the age of 18 are provided to help get, keep or improve self-help and social skills.  It requires full time live in care with an unpaid caregiver.



Day Habilitation

For ages 3+ is for recreational, other activities outside the home to develop self-help and social skills.




For occasional breaks for unpaid caregivers.



Chore Services

Are for regular cleaning and heavy household chores in your own residence, when no one else can do the work.


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We will contact you via email or Telephone within 24 hours after you send the request, except if you send it during the weekend. In order to properly apply you need to see a McKinley representative in person for an evaluation.

You can either visit us or a McKinley representative may visit you to your residence for a formal interview.


You can also download all the forms needed and have your paperwork already filled up to accelerate the process.



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